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Courses – Mange-tout Cooking School
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or tailor make your own


Get a group of friends together for a fun morning, afternoon or evening of great cooking, food and friendship. Learn to perfect basic techniques or acquire new skills in our safe, professional environment, assisted by experienced staff. Share some wine, laughs and the meal you have prepared with your friends for an experience with a difference.


Get together with colleagues for an evening of bonding and team building. Set yourself tasks and goals and let the best team win!
This is a great way to create spirit within corporate departments by forming and cementing relationships within the workplace that lead to happy staff and increased productivity.

Bridal or Stag

Get your girls together to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Everybody gets to participate in creating delicious meals in a safe and fun environment.
And don’t forget, you will be a goddess in your kitchen which will make for a long and happy marriage!

Kids Parties

Bring the children for a fun time of cooking their own Mini Master Chef creations! It’s a fantastic and safe way to introduce your children to cooking and learn to work together to create their own dishes.
We can tailor make a menu to cater for your child’s needs and age group.

Vive La France!

What a great way to experience the rich culture of France! Izzy is a qualified French linguist and will teach you the sounds and flavours of France in this very special cooking session! It’s excellent for French students and adults alike to practice their language skills and to experience the rich culture of France.

Birthday Parties

Looking for something different to celebrate a special occasion? Why not get your nearest and dearest together and celebrate that special day with you whilst you acquire new skills in the kitchen? Enjoy great company, wine and food with those closest to you.

Date Night

In this hustle bustle world of ours, we just don’t find the time to connect with our favourite people. Why not book a lesson with your bestie, your man or your kids and reconnect with them over a fabulous meal that you’ve created together? It’s a fun way to bond and spend some quality time with your favourite person!

Staff Training

Would you love to come home to a home cooked meal? We offer comprehensive lessons for your staff where they learn basic kitchen skills, food preparation and cooking. The lessons include basic meals for families and singles alike, and once your staff have these skills they will be able to follow recipes and prepare almost any meal that you prefer.